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September 2, 2015
Buddhi Yoga’s Featured Teacher of the Month

Buddhi Yoga’s Featured Teacher of the Month

We want to take time each month to feature one of our wonderful teachers from the studio, and this month it’s all about this lady: Nina Petruzzo! Read on to learn about her thoughts on food, yoga, and more.

Favorite Food: Avocados, since moving to California I don’t think I’ve gone a day without eating an avocado whole or sliced over something.

When was the last time you laughed at yourself: You would think I would be graceful with years of dance training under my belt and from doing yoga, but I am totally clumsy typically tripping over something at least once a day. Laughter makes the fall much easier 🙂

Yoga Crush: I would have to say my teacher Annie Carpenter. Every time I’m with her she continues to spark my curiosity, interest, and passion for yoga time and time again.  She is the biggest influence and inspiration behind my growth and evolution as both student and teacher.  She not only inspires how I want to present myself as a yoga teacher, but how I want to be as a person in this world and for that I am truly grateful.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana, the sweet simplicity of this pose is the greatest act of self-care.

Least favorite: Inversions, at the moment creating balance, stability, integration, and trust in these postures has been challenging, but continue to bring me to my mat everyday to do the work and ultimately detach from the result. These fun postures allow the space for complete presence in my practice.

Teach yoga to anyone in the world: I would love to teach yoga to my family. Mostly because I think it would be hilarious and fun and because they live on the east coast and I miss them!

Come say hi and take her Alignment Yoga class Mondays at 4pm and Tuesdays 7pm.

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