Carolina Vivas @cvivas64
March 4, 2015
How to Make Your Own Meditation Pillow

How to Make Your Own Meditation Pillow

Meditation pillows rock. Elevating your hips over your knees a bit lets you sit taller and for longer periods of time so you can do your thing.

Do you love the pillows at your local studio? Do you want one for your home without necessarily spending the $60-80ish bucks they can go for online? Then this is for you!

Making the pillow yourself is not too difficult & you get to choose the fabric, size, type and amount of filling giving you a 100% customized pillow. We were inspired by this post and decided to give it a go.

First you’re going to need your fabric. You ideally want a sturdy enough fabric, thick cottons works well, and pretty colors and patterns can only help.

Cut three pieces:

  • One strip of fabric 59 inches long and 6 to 9 inches wide (decide this based on how high you want the cushion to turn out)
  • Two circles of fabric 11 to 13 inches in diameter. We used a plate to trace the circles on the fabric.



On the “wrong” side of the fabric mark where your pleats will go. Starting 6.5 inches from left edge, draw three marks  .75 inches from each other. Measure 3 inches and make another three marks .75 inches from each other like the first time. Keep going through the length of your fabric.


Fold your pleats so the 1st and 3rd marks are overlapping.


Pin and iron your pleats as flat as possible.


Sew along the length of the fabric both on the top and bottom edge, and your pleats are all done!


Pin the side to the top and bottom circles. There’ll be a section overlapping that’s good, that’s how we’ll get the filling in there. Sew all around top and bottom.


Once it’s all sewn up, flip it right-side-out, fill it up (we used buckwheat hulls), and sew shut the opening that was left. P.S. You can always add a zipper if you’d like.


Enjoy your brand new custom-made meditation pillow!

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