Buddhi (boo-dee) is Sanskrit for wisdom.

Founders Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll are working moms who have been teaching Vinyasa yoga for over fifteen years in La Jolla, California. They realize we’re all too busy and that it’s often difficult to find the time to exercise and meditate. YourBuddhi offers over 100 on-demand and livestream classes from their studio Buddhi Yoga, so you can practice any time you want. Every class has a specific focus and time length so you can find exactly what you need based on mood or level.

In 2014 Carolina and Amanda created FlowLIFT, an innovative workout inspired by vinyasa using light ankle and hand weights. Both Yoga and strength training are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for the Dual Membership to get access to both sites for just $24/month and visit the Blog to find informative articles, healthy recipes, meditation downloads, and yoga tips.