Sheel Seidler

Sheel has advanced training in Kundalini (500+ hr) and Hatha Yoga (200+ hr). She is fascinated with how to apply ancient yoga teachings to today’s lifestyle. In particular to the paths of recovery and motherhood. She brings the complementary healing of plant medicine into her classes and has 200+ hr training in medicinal aromatherapy.

Sheel’s students love how she makes ancient teachings accessible. As a result they notice a new capacity for joy in their daily life almost immediately. She teaches from a place of respect for the roots of yoga in Indian culture. One of her main goals is to protect the Sikh culture against the rampant appropriation in the kundalini world. Sheel is always on the path of decolonizing the yoga she teaches. Because all yoga comes from patriarchal roots, she teaches yoga from matriarchal space. This emboldens her students to look at yoga teachings and lineages as working for them. She wants them to uncover ease and happiness in their lives versus blindly following lineage rules and becoming a collector of yoga theories and experiences. Sheel strives to create a space that honors and welcomes BIPOC and LGQBT Souls to come and practice.

She is known for her ability to effortlessly weave stories about the Sikh Gurus, the roots of yoga teachings across different schools of yoga, and her own experiences into her classes. Sheel creates a practice that make us feel more centered, alive and grateful for this incarnation.