Sheel Seidler

Sheel (aka Jai Guru Sheel) has advanced training in Kundalini (500+ hr) and Hatha Yoga (200 hr).   She is fascinated with how to apply ancient yoga teachings to today’s lifestyle, particularly to the paths of recovery and motherhood. Her students love her approach of making these ancient teachings accessible.  Kundalini with Sheel will have you finding a new capacity for joy in your daily life almost immediately.

Sheel is known for her ability to effortlessly weave in stories throughout class about the roots of Kundalini, the Sikh Gurus and Yogi Bhajan. In both of her advanced trainings she learned from students who sat at the feet of masters (Krishnamacharya and Yogi Bhajan) and had been teaching for over 40 years. Lineage and purity of the teachings for powerful effects (versus dogma and ritual) are central to her practice and the experience she transmits to her students.  Take live Kundalini with Sheel or whenever you want with her on-demand classes.