myles golden
October 16, 2015
La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow | Bound Half Moon to Bird of Paradise

La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow | Bound Half Moon to Bird of Paradise

As you guys know, we’re suckers for practicing near the ocean. In this La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow we focused on flowing back and forth between Bound Half Moon to Bird of Paradise pose and back. This drill is a fun and challenging transition that you’re going to love. 

These poses have so many benefits. Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana, will help make your legs and core stronger. It stretches the groin and hamstrings, and can help improve digestion. Adding the bind gets your shoulders opening. On top of that there’s Bird of Paradise, Svarga Dvijasana, also strengthening your quads and hips. Add both of these poses’ benefits to your balance, focus, and coordination and you’ll have a kick-ass combo going on. 

Practicing the transition

While we can’t wait to practice with you, remember to warm up before going crazy. For this drill specifically, make sure your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings are all warmed up and ready to go. Aim to do this five times on each side to get those legs and that buddhi working. Find your drishti, focus your gaze on one spot, and just practice practice practice. Remeber to keep your core engaged and every muscle in your legs super active. It gets easier and easier to create stability even through the toughest transitions…if only engaging our core and finding a drishti could help us with those difficult transitions off the mat am I right?

Press play and try out this La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow. Bonus points if you’re also near the ocean, but anywhere counts. Let us know how it goes when you try it. 

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