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July 2, 2015
Do You Eat Like a Yogi?

Do You Eat Like a Yogi?

When you think about ‘eating like a yogi’ the first thing that comes to mind might be a vegetarian or a vegan diet. The truth is that many yogis do choose a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, yet there are plenty of yogis who have different diet preferences. Regardless of whether you choose a plant-based diet or not, there are several yoga philosophies that can guide you to healthier food choices. By practicing the following techniques you can learn how to nourish your body and your mind with whichever diet you choose to follow.

Being Present

All too often, we get caught eating on-the-go. So many of us eat in our cars or even at our desks. If we eat when we are in ‘fight-or-flight’ mode, we are not able to digest and absorb our nutrients as efficiently. We are also more likely to make poor food choices when eat without paying attention to the flavor of our food.

Yogi Tip: take 3-5 deep belly breaths before you take your first bite. This simple act of slowing down will help you chew your food more effectively and you might even notice that you enjoy your meal more because you can actually taste it! Slowing down will also help to avoid over-eating and to identify any possible food sensitivities.

Contentment- Santosha

Nutrition and weight-loss can be very overwhelming and confusing. Instead of rushing into on the next popular ‘diet’ or cleanse, take some time to discover what is right for YOU. Take some time to practice being content with your nutrition choices and your health. If you are continuously hard on your self or telling yourself that you ‘can’t’ make changes, it will not get you very far. If you are loving and patient with yourself, you will be sure to learn more about your body and what it is asking you for.

Yogi Tip: Keep a food journal for 2 weeks. Write down what you ate and how that food makes you feel. It is important that you do this without any judgment. This means paying attention to your thoughts when you write down what you ate- notice if you are judging if your food selection is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Simply keeping a food journal (without judgment) will help you to identify what foods work for your body and which foods do not.

Author’s Bio:

Amy Pamensky is a recent graduate of the Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training program.

She works with clients to improve their health through scientific-based nutrition and health coaching. Amy currently works with women to improve all aspects of their health, including: thyroid imbalances, high cholesterol, weight loss, impaired digestion, low immune system, anti-aging. Her specialty is in women’s health, family nutrition and digestive wellness. To find new recipes and additional nutrition tips you can visit her website.

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