Carolina Vivas @cvivas64
June 14, 2022

Being a Healthy Mom Requires a Few Key Ingredients

The summer months are always tough on moms (and dads!). When the kids are out of school and we’re out traveling, our yoga and workout schedule moves to the bottom of the list. We’re here for you! Make time this summer.  Sometimes just a quick 20-minute class does the trick.  Remember that taking care of yourself will inevitably lead to a happier version of yourself.

FlowLIFT fitness

Get Your Sweat On with FlowLIFT

Our favorite form of movement is the workout we created called FlowLIFT.  It combines some of the things we love the most: bomb music, yoga, pilates, strength training and cardio.  It flows like a vinyasa class, you get a cleansing sweat sesh, and you get in shape fast.  Our FlowLIFT site has over 200 videos on demand for Level 1 & 2 and you can choose the full length classes or the quick, 25-minute Xpress.  Try it free for 2 weeks and tell us what you think!

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Add Stretching, Breathing and Meditation to Your Schedule

Frankly, we can’t live without yoga.  It’s like a reset button that restores us back to our natural, loving, balanced and peaceful self.  Yoga helps us feel young, tall, agile, and good in our bodies.  It calms our mind, gives us new perspectives and teach us how to let go of the things that don’t serve us well.  The breathing and meditative aspect of the practice keeps the mind calm and sharp.  Do yoga with us!  Slow Flow is gentle, vinyasa is athletic, and kundalini takes you deep into the spirit.  Our online membership is $18/month with the first 14 days free. If you’re ever in San Diego, come visit us at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla.

Buddhi Yoga

A Healthy Mom Needs Her Family and Friends

The importance of a having a good social circle has been proven again and again with various studies. Having good relationships and spending time with those who raise our spirits plays a big role in our degree of happiness.  Make time for friends and family and you’re sure to experience more feelings of gratitude and love.



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