Carolina Vivas @cvivas64
June 22, 2022

Waking up tight, sore and misaligned is no fun.  Try these three simple yoga poses to get your day started on the right foot.  This short little sequence is just over a minute, so anyone can do it.

Forward Fold Yoga Poses

Forward fold stretches the spine and the back of the legs while releasing the necks and shoulders.  To modify, simply bend your knees.  Focus on breathing deeply and allowing the exhales to melt you deeper.

Morning Yoga Poses

Downward Facing Dog

Downward dog is an active resting pose that stretches the shoulders, hips and legs.  To modify, bend your knees or take a shorter stance.  Breathe deeply through the nose and relax the facial muscles to restore the whole body.

Yoga Poses

Child’s Pose

The ultimate resting pose of all the yoga poses is child’s pose.  This pose can be difficult if you have knee issues; modify by putting a bolster under the torso for support and less pressure on the knee joint. Breathe deeply into the back, side ribs and belly.

child's pose

Etra Credit Yoga Poses

A vinyasa is composed of flowing through three postures, plank, chaturanga and up dog at one breath per movement.  To modify do the low pushup on the knees and do cobra (keeping the hips and legs on the ground)  instead of up dog.


Engage the core and stack the shoulders over the wrists.  Keep the legs strong as you shoot the heart forward and the feels back.

Plank Yoga Poses


Create a ninety degree bend the elbows while keeping all the alignment points from plank pose.



Shoulders stack over the wrists with the heart open and the shoulder blades hugging together.  Legs are strong, glutes are soft and the crown of the head rises.

Upward Dog

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