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May 18, 2020

Yoga Videos Online for Relaxation

yoga videos online

Feeling stressed?  These uncertain times coupled with the new parental duties of online schooling can start to take its toll on our emotional health.  People are isolated, kids are running the house amok, and the things we usually do to blow off steam might no longer be available to us.  Yoga with friends, girls trips, and happy hour anyone?  We can only dream.  We may not be able to go to our local studio at the moment, but we can still have our practice, even if it’s just us alone in the hallway with our mats stretched out between the kitchen and dining room.  It’s now more than ever that we need to turn to yoga for a sense of peace and wellbeing.  We’ve searched our library of yoga videos online to give you some great suggestions whether you have 20, 40 or 60 minutes to spare.  Remember that you don’t need to a 90-minute class to feel the benefits of yoga.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.

All our yoga videos online for relaxation will be just the medicine you need to start feeling like your normal self again.  

yoga videos online

Yoga for Anxiety 

This 20-minute beginner flow with Amanda. We all experience stress on a daily basis and yoga for anxiety is the perfect remedy. One of the most useful yogic tools in these cases is a good asana practice, which burns off the nervous energy that can contribute to feeling anxious. This simple, yet powerful class keeps you on the ground for minimal effort and maxmum relaxation. Flow gently in and out of poses designed to open the heart and calm the mind.


yoga for sleep Yoga for Sleep

20-minute slow flow with Carolina. Having trouble getting your REMs? Need to disconnect from your day or just chill out? Yoga for better sleep is a slow-paced class with poses for relaxation to calm the nervous system. Learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that relieve stress and balance the mind. Ends with a guided meditation that melts everything away.


breath centered easy flow

Breath Centered Easy Flow

40-minute beginner flow with Amanda. Breathing is one of the most powerful aspects of a yoga practice. By actively controlling the breath we directly create a more balanced nervous system. Various breathing exercises are sprinkled throughout this easy flowing class to promote relaxation and presence of mind. Practice gentle hip and spine opening postures for a well-rounded, breath-centered yoga session.



low back loveLow Back Love

40-minute yoga videos online with Amanda. This Slow Flow class is perfect for releasing tension in the low back and creating more mobility in the hips. A gentle sequences eases you into effective stretches that leave you feeling taller and more relaxed. Most people who suffer from low back pain have tight hips and very little range of motion in the lumbar spine. Low Back Love gives you spinal twists, lunging postures, hip openers and sun salutes to get the entire body stronger and more fluid.



uplift & transcend vinyasa Uplift and Transcend Vinyasa

60-minute vinyasa with Amanda. This vinyasa yoga video is part of a series focused on the chakras. Open the front lines of the body, specifically the heart, hip flexors, chest and shoulders. Flow through a series of lunges balanced with an awareness of the core to safely strengthen the spine as the heart energy lifts and expands. Backbends are best complimented by subtle core work with each and every exhale. There is a tendency to collapse the low back and cause compression when practicing backhanding postures. Allow the front of the body to open as you create a safe and strong boundary with the abdominal muscles.


Want more options?  Log on and try any of our yoga videos online for all levels ranging from specific body focus to breathing and meditation.  All you need a is a little bit of space in your home and a small window of time.  No one ever say, “gee, I wish I never did that yoga class.”  The results after yoga are always the same:  a relaxed body and a calm mind.

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