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February 6, 2021

5 Best Yoga Videos Online for Stress Relief

yoga videos online

There’s no doubt we’ve all just experienced the most stressful year we’ve ever had.  Life as we knew it changed drastically and some of the things we love the most were all put on hold, including our in-person yoga experience.  Luckily we were still able to keep shooting our yoga videos online and delivering you the best yoga videos online.  

Stress is sneaky.  Sometimes we don’t even know we’re stressed, but our body has to processes it whether we realize it or not.  Since stress is often unconscious we end up dealing with it in some not-so-great ways.  Wine, anyone? To take the edge off we turn to alcohol or other unhealthy behaviors that end up creating more stress.  It’s a cycle that could keep going around and around forever.  

Roll out your mat and try the following classes to let go of stress in a healthy way.  Warning:  You’ll likely float off your mat and feel light as a feather afterwards.  

relax and meditate

Stress Melting Vinyasa 

60-minute online vinyasa yoga with Jon Old-Rowe. This steady sequence will melt all of your stress away both mentally and physically. Move at a slower pace than other vinyasa classes. Feel each pose from your head to your toes.

Firstly, longer holds in plank, side plank and chaturanga will challenge your core and build upper body strength.  Secondly, flow through deep lunges to prep the body for a deep virasana, or hero’s pose.  This is done at the end of class when the body is ready. And finally, enjoy a warrior 2 inspired standing flow series with subtle hip movements to open up the groin, lower back and side body in a whole new way.

Jon helps you to maintain your focus on long, deep breaths throughout class.  This will leave you feeling strong, light and renewed through your whole being.

yoga videos online

Yoga for Anxiety

20-minute yoga videos online; beginner flow with Amanda. We all experience stress on a daily basis and yoga for anxiety is the perfect remedy. One of the most useful yogic tools in these cases is a good asana practice, which burns off the nervous energy that can contribute to feeling anxious. This simple, yet powerful class keeps you on the ground for minimal effort and maximum relaxation. Flow gently in and out of poses designed to open the heart and calm the mind.

yoga videos online

Stress Relief

20-minute slow flow with Carolina. Got stress?  Let it all go with this gentle class. Release tension from the neck, shoulders, hips and spine.  Practice relaxing postures that put you at ease and melt your worries away.  You’ll do long holds in pigeon, forward folds, and reclined hip stretches.  The serene and beautiful backdrop will set the mood for you to relax and ease into the rest of your day.

yoga for stress relief

Natural Pain Killer

60-minute vinyasa with Carolina. This all levels class is a rigorous full body practice that challenges the body and mind. You’ll be reminded to breathe often so you can do challenging postures with mindfulness.  This class is focused on the hips and learning how to let go of the need for control.  Being unable to adapt to change causes a lot of suffering, thus yoga aims to help us move through change without resisting. There is a saying that goes “pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional.”  The Natural Pain Killer yoga videos online class with Carolina will teach you how to let go of unnecessary control, fear and anxiety. As a result, you’ll experience peace of mind and a happier existence.

yoga videos online

Relax & Unwind

60-minute slow flow with Jen. This beginner yoga sequence focuses on improving movement.  Not just postures, but movement off the mat. Gently unwind tension from the center of the body through deep, conscious breathing.  Learn to create rhythmic movements in the body to gently energize they system.  Improve your range of motion at the spine, shoulders and hips through functional, multi-planar yoga postures.  The beauty of yoga is that every pose is done on both sides and take your joints through their full expression.  Combined with the breath, there is no better way to release tension throughout the entire body.  This class will create more ease and joy while letting go of tension.

We Have More Than Just Yoga Videos Online

We hope you enjoy this series of classes designed to leave you feeling like a brand new person. Looking for a more active way to burn off the crazy? Try our yoga with weights workout at FlowLIFT Fitness.  If you’re already a member here at YourBuddhi, you can upgrade to the dual membership for only $6 more.



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