Jen Snyder

At the age of 28, I stepped into my first yoga class and was instantly hooked. I continued immersing myself in the experience of each asana, and listening intently to my instructors cues and bits of wisdom. The poses allowed me to be expressive and tap into a meditative state. In 2011, I wanted to further my practice. I trained with my teacher, Gerhard, to become a certified yoga instructor. After receiving an E-RYT 200, my desire to teach grew. I started incorporating what I learned into my daily life. That same year, I injured my sacroilliac joint. This setback was an eye opener and I later discovered that yoga was a solution for healing and change. I wanted to understand how the injury happened and how to heal so that I could return to my mat. During 2 long years of recovery, I studied anatomy, nutrition and meditation. This process taught me that slower movements tied to the breath are more powerful and beneficial. I believe that health is more than exercise, it involves good movement, good nutrition and a positive mindset.

Practicing conscious breathing with an intelligent flow, loving the body, respecting the mind, and taking time to rest on and off the mat will help overcome challenges in asana, meditation, and daily life. My teaching style reflects my background in dance, as I like to create fluid sequences that allow the body to move easily through the class, fine tuning awareness of each individual posture. This way my clients discover their own personal way to practice, utilizing compassion, peace, and self love.


“Jen’s class has always been a favorite of mine. Her sequences leave me feeling refreshed and ready for what my day will bring. Her amazing, warm energy shines through in every class. I am fortunate to know such an amazing woman and teacher.” -Jenna Murphy

“I was very hesitant to try yoga because I have a bad shoulder and tight hamstrings. Jen was the perfect yoga instructor and made appropriate modifications for me without making me feel like I couldn’t keep up with the advanced yogis. I leave her class feeling like I got a great workout and improved mental focus. After just a few sessions with Jen I felt stronger and could touch my toes again! Jen Snyder is a beautiful person inside and out and that carries over to her teaching.” -Aimee Lansky

Jen Snyder

Jen has been practicing yoga since 1999 and became a certified yoga instructor in 2011. Although it was the physical aspect that drew her in, the mental benefits were what kept her going. She says it’s as if every time she takes the time to practice, a “refresh button” is pressed for her body and mind. Jen’s purpose is for her students to leave the class feeling both energized and relaxed.

Her classes promote strength, body awareness and flexibility. Jen’s knowledge of the human body gives her the tools needed to make necessary modifications and build skeletal health. Her flow of movement combined with the flow of breath creates a meditative state relaxing the nervous system. She believes breathing and controlling the breath is one of the easiest ways to improve mental and physical health.

Jen’s philosophy is simple: yoga connects the breath with the mind and body, teaching us to be present. In this presence a sense of calm and clarity can be found, adding meaning to our daily lives.

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