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June 30, 2014
July Challenge : 100 Days of Heat

July Challenge : 100 Days of Heat

Idea + Action = Dream realized

Are you sitting on a brilliant idea but don’t quite know how to make it happen?  Do you have a goal in your life that seems too far out of reach to accomplish?  In this life all we have is the present.   The decisions we make in this moment are either made from fear  or love.  Ideas come from a creative place and this creativity is fed by love.  By choosing fear, we will forever be stuck in comfort zones that feel safe and easy.  

One of our founding philosophies at is to take the ancient wisdom of yoga and apply it in a contemporary way.  Turning ideas into a reality requires tapas.  Tapas is loosely translated as heat.  We can apply this concept of heat as the work required to achieve a lofty goal – tapas is discipline.   Tapas must be cultivated on a daily basis to turn an idea into reality.  Each day that you dig in and get to work, the easier it is to continue with it the next day.  Tapas is also required to create change.  Actively pursuing an idea rather than thinking “I’ll start that tomorrow” requires a change in behavior.  If you keep putting it off, it’s never going to happen.  The time is now.  Action is needed to bring your idea to fruition.  

Our next challenge is 100 Days of Heat.  Commit to a goal for 100 days and you will go further than you could ever imagine.  If you are not sure how to start, we will be providing you with simple exercises that will give you the tools to achieving your goal.  Wether it be personal or professional, big or small – a plan is needed to make it happen and we will be your guide.  

#100daysofheat starts on June 21st.  Get excited.  Go for it.  By October you will have created and accomplished more than you can imagine.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for tips on how to stick to it!

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