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July 2, 2014
Morning Porridge

Morning Porridge

I accidentally stumbled upon this great recipe the other morning when I couldn’t figure out what to eat for breakfast.  I didn’t want my usual oatmeal, and eggs just didn’t sound appealing so I looked though my fridge, got a little creative, and concocted this yummy treat.  It’s full of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and Omega 3-s.  Give it a try and tell us what you think! 


1/2 cup coconut yogurt or any other yogurt of choice

1 cup pulverized carrots (you can do this by chopping raw carrots and mixing in food processor or using the Norwalk Juicer)

handful of chashews

a few mint leaves

1 banana

juice of 1 blood orange

1 cup almond milk 

handful of blueberries


Using a high-speed blender mix in the almond milk, banana, orange juice and cashews until you get the desired consistency and pour into a serving dish. Garnish each portion with a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of the pulverized carrots and a few blueberries.  

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