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July 6, 2014
Dream your wildest dreams! #100daysofheat

Dream your wildest dreams! #100daysofheat

I always have multiple ideas and visions jumbling around in my head.  It is difficult to know what to focus on and how to get started.  yourBuddhi recently sat down with renaissance man and local genius Kirk Hensler to get more organized and focused.  We listed goals into four different categories: personal, professional, health/fitness and creative.  Professional and health/fitness are pretty straight-forward.  Personal goals pertain to our relationships with friends, family and our partner.  Creative goals focus more on you as an individual.  Maybe you want to start painting, surfing, or to write more.  Ultimately we all would like to create the perfect balance between all four.  To start off the #100daysofheat challenge, begin with this simple exercise to clarify what it is that you would like to create for yourself:

Exercise #1

Start with a simple meditation.  Just sit for 10 minutes and breathe deeply through the nose.  It’s fine if your mind is filled with thoughts.  Let them come up and keep returning your focus to your breath.

On a sheet of paper, make four even sections and label them personal, professional, creative and health/fitness.   Write down the first four or five things that come to mind in each square.  Make it very specific.  For example, one of my health/fitness goals for #100daysofheat is to do a press-up handstand from a wide legged stance.  Rather than just writing “handstand”, I included specific details for how I’m going to make it happen. The more specific you are with your goals, the more tangible and realistic they become.

Let these ideas sit for a day.  Sleep on it.  Revisit your paper tomorrow and choose a goal from each section that you want to focus on in the next 100 days.  Don’t focus on how much time they would require or how unattainable they seem.  Choose the ones that resonate the most with you in your life right now.

My yoga teacher used to always say “you are perfect as you are right now.”  These words always ring true and it’s very important to accept and love ourselves as we are.  However we are all in a constant state of change.  Things are always shifting and moving – change is inevitable.  We might as well try to have a hand in guiding at least some of the inevitable change in which we are all immersed.  So dream big and really go for it.   Who knows where it will take you!

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