Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
September 3, 2021

Prenatal yoga is one of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy.  The breathing exercises and yoga postures will help to keep you calm, strong and ready for labor and delivery.  We have several prenatal yoga classes on yourBuddhi for all trimesters.  We have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback about a few of them from our pregnant students.  These three classes are a big hit and we wanted to share them with you so you can save them in your favorites library.  These will be your absolute go-to’s for this magical time of pregnancy.

3 Prenatal Yoga Classes You and Baby Will Love

Smooth Prenatal Flow with Magdalena

Smooth Prenatal Flow

This 60 minute class with Magdalena is a perfect, well rounded yoga practice that is safe for all three trimesters.  Magdalena is a wonderful teacher with a background in personal training and yoga instruction.  She also has had two children and practiced yoga throughout her pregnancies.  This can often be the best prenatal yoga teacher training!

What many women love about this class is that it’s a full 60 minute session.  When you have the time, spending a full hour practicing has a bigger impact on your body and nervous system.  It’s an excellent way to feel grounded and release any stress you are feeling.  Gently open the entire body while you subtly strengthen key places such as the hips and pelvic floor.  Roll out your mat, light a candle and anoint yourself with your favorite plant medicine.  Create your own bliss and spend some meaningful time with yourself and the baby growing inside of you.

Moderate Prenatal Flow with Amanda

2nd Trimester : Moderate Flow

We don’t always have time to get a full 60 minute prenatal yoga class in.  Perhaps you are still working or chasing older kids around.  A 20 minute class can be just the thing you need to feel stretched, calm and happy.  Women have reported loving this one because it is still a bit of a workout.  This class was created specifically for women in their 2nd trimester.  Certain movements and positions are awkward as the belly grows.  Amanda was in her 2nd trimester when she filmed this class so it’s perfectly suited for you at home during this time of pregnancy.  The second trimester is often when pregnant women have the most energy.  A class that requires a bit more physical exertion can feel great if you are wanting a bit more of a workout.

Prenatal Yoga Classes For the Hips and Pelvic Floor

Third Trimester : Hips & Pelvic Floor

This class with Amanda is geared towards women in their third trimester.  People often recommend that pregnant women should stretch their hips in preparation for childbirth.  However mobility should always be balanced with stability.  So having open hips is just as important as having strong hips.  This class focuses on creating and supporting that balance through the last trimester of pregnancy.  The baby is heavier and mom needs to slow down if she can!  Taking just 20 minutes to breathe and focus on opening and strengthening the pelvic floor, hips, and lower back will feel wonderful in the moment, especially if you’re feeling tight, sore or uncomfortable in these areas.  It’s also an excellent way to prepare the body for labor and delivery.

Try Prenatal Yoga Classes Online

Always ask your doctor or midwife before attempting any movement or exercise while pregnant.  Once you get the go-ahead, try as many classes as you would like to see if this is for you.  We think you and baby will love it!

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