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August 6, 2021

Prenatal yoga classes are one of the best forms of mind body exercise you can do during pregnancy. But there are many misconceptions about the when, why and how of yoga for expectant mothers. We want to dispel these so that you can freely enjoy yoga for the full 40 weeks of this magical time.

Three Common Misconceptions About Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Classes

I Have a High Risk Pregnancy So I Can’t Do Yoga

Many women have high risk pregnancies due to a variety of issues. Perhaps you are having twins or you’ve had previous miscarriages. Sometimes you can be considered high risk if you are over 40 or if you have gestational diabetes. Whatever the reason for this term applying to you, discuss your options with your OB or midwife. Once you get the green light from your doctor, you can most certainly participate in prenatal yoga.

You may feel more comfortable in a studio setting with the teacher and other pregnant women in the room with you. That way you can meet other women who are going through a similar experience. You can also speak with the teacher directly and share with her the fact the you are high risk. To find prenatal yoga classes in your area, search the internet and ask around. Find a studio located near you and check their schedule for prenatal yoga classes that you can attend.

Often times there aren’t studios in your area. If there are, the classes may not work with your schedule. That’s where we come in. Your Buddhi has online prenatal yoga classes for all three trimesters. We also have a couple of classes for postnatal yoga. This way you can still enjoy all the benefits of yoga during your pregnancy without ever having to leave your house.

Again, always ask permission from your prenatal care provider before attempting any form of physical exercises, especially if you’re high risk. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns about our online classes and we will get right back to you with answers.

I’m Not Even Showing Yet So It’s Not Time For Prenatal Yoga

You can jump right in to yoga for pregnancy classes right from the beginning of your pregnancy. If you already practiced yoga when you became pregnant, it is generally safe to continue to go to your regular classes as long as it feels good to you. However, attending prenatal yoga from the beginning is a great way to meet other pregnant women and mentally prepare yourself for labor and delivery.

If you have never done yoga before being pregnant, prenatal classes are best. In general, it’s not recommended to start a new fitness routine while pregnant. Prenatal yoga is designed specifically for you so that the breathing exercises and postures take into account the growing baby inside of you. You can’t go wrong with prenatal yoga and it’s never too early to start.

I’m Too Tight and My Belly Is Too Big For Yoga

Yoga For Pregnancy

Not true at all. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel that you are flexible. Doing prenatal yoga two to three times per week will increase the range of motion in your joints and increase flexibility in the muscles, especially in all the places that tend to become sore during pregnancy.

Yoga will ease discomfort in the lower back, keep the hips and hamstrings loose and release tension in the neck and shoulders. The poses are simple, accessible and effective. As your belly grows, the poses shift to accommodate your body. We recommend using certain props for support and some postures will have you leaning against the wall for more stability.

As you move toward the end of your pregnancy, the breathing and movement will become so familiar that it will be practically automatic to apply what you have learned to labor and delivery. Prenatal yoga is truly on of the best ways to prepare the body and mind for giving birth. Don’t let any negative self talk about your body stop you from enjoying this wonderful give you can give yourself.

Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

Now that we have dispelled the myths, it’s time to try a class! Sign up for our monthly membership and get your first two weeks free. Try a few classes from our prenatal yoga page or filter by type and choose prenatal yoga on our classes page. Our classes different lengths and for different trimesters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we can help to guide you along.

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