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August 25, 2021

vinyasa flow yoga

No matter what style of yoga you decide to do, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Nevertheless, vinyasa flow yoga holds a special place in our hearts.   It truly is like a meditation in motion, and we all know meditation is a boon to our entire being.  Over the years we have discovered many surprising benefits of this amazing practice, and we’d like to share them with you, especially how it’s helped us become more creative.

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What Exactly Is Creativity?

Creativity is like a muscle.  If you don’t use it, it atrophies.  If you constantly stimulate it, it will grow and get stronger.  When you mention creativity, most people envision an artist or a musician, yet creativity can be applied in many facets of life.  Creativity involves the use of imagination.  It’s the ability to generate, create or discover original ideas.  Creativity can be taught and learned, just like any other skill.   It’s not just about being creative in the arts.  It’s about seeing things from a different perspective or in a way that others cannot.  Being creative moves through different stages, always growing and evolving, so long as you keep practicing. 

The Connection Between Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Creativity 

Creativity relies on a calm and open mind.  It involves intuition and imagination, two things that are blocked out in a stressed, chaotic mind.  It’s no coincidence that your best ideas come to you in the shower, on a beautiful beach, or during your daily walk.  A calm mind is a receptive mind. We have heard many artists and musicians refer to their inspiration as “coming from an unknown, divine source.”  It’s this creative energy that flows freely from the universe into the yogic mind.  The steady pace of a vinyasa flow yoga class coupled with consistent breath control has a calming effect on the nervous system.  It has the ability to create the perfect conditions for the mind to receive new ideas and different perspectives.  

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The Magic of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The word vinyasa itself means flow. A vinyasa flow yoga class moves you in and out of poses with smooth transitions while connecting each movement with the inhale and exhale.  The flow that’s created between movement and breathing is both calming and pleasantly intoxicating.  There’s a reason why people call it a “yoga high.” A good vinyasa class can make you feel like you’re floating off your mat.  This style of yoga keeps the body moving and shifts the mind from ego-based to spirit-based if done right.  

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Benefits of a Creative Mindset

Having a consistent yoga practice helps you combat stress, depression, and anxiety.  That in itself will open you up to the right mindset for harnessing creativity.  Activate those creative muscles by asking yourself the following questions before or after doing a class:

Can I see this differently?

How can I apply a creative solution to X?

Can I do this old thing in a new way?

What would I do if I wasn’t afraid of failure?

“Do your practice and all is coming” is a famous quote by Pattabhi Jois, the father of ashtanga yoga.  In other words, trust in the process, take the time to invest yourself so you can create the right conditions for all your good ideas flow freely.  

vinyasa flow yoga

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