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August 12, 2014
Yoga for a Better Mood

Yoga for a Better Mood

Practicing yoga brings a long list of benefits, many of which effect our mood and outlook on life.  I know I need to hop on my mat if I’m screaming at my kids for no reason or am filled with an inordinate amount rage when my husband doesn’t wipe the counters down the way I like.  When small things cause disproportionate reactions, I know I need to practice.  Yoga brings awareness to our tendencies.  I have a tendency to get anxious and worried while others have lean toward depression and low energy.  It’s important to know the direction you go when things are out of balance, recognize when it’s happening and take some time out of your day to get yourself straightened out.  

If stress causes you to become anxious and irritable, try our Yoga for Anxiety class.  It’s just enough movement to blow off steam but the slow pace will help to chill you out and bring you back into balance. 

If you feel depressed or have low energy, try Mood Lifter.  Even though you may not feel that you have the stamina for a challenging sequence, you might be surprised at how invigorated you feel after this class.

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