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May 23, 2021

vinyasa yoga for beginners

Most yoga beginners are scared to go to group classes.  We’ve heard that it’s intimidating to show up to an all levels class when a student does’t know the pose names or what to do.  Beginners have also confessed to their fear about being judged or looking stupid.  We know that doing something new is scary, but yoga is far removed from judgment and competition and that’s why we love it.  Try the following vinyasa classes for beginners to get acquainted with basic yoga poses and stretch your entire body while you’re at it.  

Yoga Basics 1

Learn the proper alignment for basic yoga poses such as warrior 1, warrior 2 and others. Take your time moving in and out of these poses and learn the importance of breath as you flow through this calming series.  

Yoga for Sleep

Having trouble getting your REMs? Need to disconnect from your day or just chill out? Yoga for better sleep is a slow-paced class with poses for relaxation to calm the nervous system. Learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that relieve stress and balance the mind. Ends with a guided meditation that melts everything away.

Sun Salutations


Sun Salutes are the foundation of both Hatha and vinyasa yoga.  They energize the body, create heat from the inside out, and stretch the whole body.  They’re great to do first thing in the morning to get yourself ready for the rest of the day.  When sun salutes are done in the morning they shift your perspective and calm the mind so you’re more productive and less reactive to stress.  

Slow Flow Yoga for the Hips


This gentle class explores new ways of getting into the hips.  You’ll increase body awareness and move through poses you might never have done.  Jons’s way of explaining the postures and breath will leave you feeling like you could start doing classes that challenge you more.  This slow flow vinyasa yoga for beginners is exactly what you need to wind yourself down at the end of the day.

Breath-Centered Easy Flow

One of the most important things in yoga is the yoga breath we call ujjayi breathing.  It’s a deep inhale and exhale through the nose that involves the abdominal muscles as well as a slight constriction in the epiglottis.  Do this simple and easy class to build a solid foundation right from the start.

Relax & Unwind Slow Flow

Everyone needs to slow down, whether you’re a beginner or not.  This class is made for releasing the low back and hips with gentle and easy flows for all types practitioners.  Increase range of motion, calm the nervous system and learn new poses in this perfectly sequenced class by Jen Snyder.

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