Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
November 28, 2019

Slow Flow Yoga Sequence For Beginners

Slow Flow is the perfect type of yoga for beginners.  One of our philosophies when creating this style of class is to make it accessible to a wide variety of people yet still stimulating enough to create change.  We aren’t suggesting that you need to change for any reason, you’re perfect just the way you are!  However people seemed to be pulled toward yoga through a desire to transform and transcend.  Maybe it’s a physical goal such as more strength or flexibility.  Or perhaps you are looking for some stress relief.  Whatever it is that is motivating you to add yoga to your life, we definitely have a slow flow yoga sequence for you.

Slow Flow Yoga Sequence

20 Minute Slow Flow Yoga Sequence For Beginners

We often hear from students new to yoga “I wish the classes at studios weren’t so long.”  We know not everyone has the time or patience for a full 60-75 minute yoga class.  That is why we have shorter classes that are just 20 minutes long.  There is no prescribed length of time for a yoga class.  Even five minutes can bring benefits.  In a twenty minute class you will target the whole body and create a profound connection with the breath.  If you do this consistently three times per week, you will undoubtedly start to feel the change that you are looking for.

Try two of our most popular 20 minute slow flow classes:

Holiday Chill Out
Yoga For Anxiety

40 Minute Slow Flow Classes

There is no hierarchy in yoga, so forty minutes is not necessarily “better” than twenty minutes.  However as your body and mind get more and more used to the breathing and postures, you might find that you would like a slightly longer practice.  Forty minutes gives you the chance to explore slightly deeper variations of basic postures.  

Try two of our most popular 40 minute slow flow classes:

Low Back Love
Twisting Detox Flow

75 Minute Slow Flow Classes

A full length yourBuddhi class is 75 minutes.  You won’t miss a single inch of the body in this long of a yoga session.  There will be plenty of time for a long warm-up, breathing exercises and a large variety of postures.  Your body will be prepared to try new things that perhaps you didn’t think you could do.  Dedicating this much time for yoga is a wonderful gift you can give yourself.  The more you practice, the quicker class will fly by.  Your focus and concentration will go through the roof and your ability to breathe deeply and rhythmically will greatly improve.

Try two of our most popular 75 minute slow flow classes:

Yoga for Flexibility
Use the Force

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