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January 14, 2020

Power Vinyasa Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits when you move from only doing from slow flow classes to trying vinyasa yoga for beginners. Most yoga newbies are intimate by the flow of vinyasa yoga, since it tends to be more rigorous and faster paced. However, vinyasa yoga is a broad term with many interpretations, so the pace and difficulty level are really up to the teacher. Here at yourBuddhi, the most physically challenging class is Super Yogi, or Vinyasa 2/3, as it’s called in most yoga studios. Jon Old-Rowe is a master at teaching a slow, yet still challenging vinyasa class with more attention to detail and alignment, making it a perfect class for those who are looking to try vinyasa yoga for beginners.

So What Are the Vinyasa Yoga Benefits?

Doing classes that incorporate several “vinyasas” strengthen the upper upper body, increase core strength, and tone the muscles that support the spine. The series of poses from plank to chaturanga (yoga push-up) and then up dog to down dog is done many times throughout vinyasa classes, which means that if you’re consistent with your classes you’ll see big changes in your level of strength. Most slow flow classes avoid vinyasas and move from pose to pose at a leisurely “stroll” pace, whereas vinyasa classes are comparable to a brisk walk or light jog. You’ll be toning your diaphragm, increasing your cardiovascular health and improving breathing when you do vinyasa yoga for beginners and before you know it you’ll be ready for vinyasa mixed classes.

How To Modify Mixed Level Vinyasa Classes for Beginners

When you’re ready to venture out from vinyasa yoga for beginners, give mixed level vinyasa classes a try. Anyone can do mixed level classes as long as they know how to modify and be okay with moving slower. The most important thing to consider is have ample props to work with – blocks, straps, a bolster and a blanket. If something doesn’t feel right or it’s too challenging for you use your props or modify the pose in any way or skip it altogether. The great thing about yoga is that it’s always possible to make any class more and less challenging. Listen to your body and keep your ego out of your practice; Make it more about breathing and feeling good.

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