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March 18, 2021

Online Yoga Classes for Learning How to Do Handstands

Online yoga classes

Most people who do online yoga classes have a goal of being able to do a freestanding handstand in the middle of the room.  However, without consistent work and dedication it remains a far fetched dream.  It takes a long time to train the body, let go of fear, and trust yourself enough to feel strong and supported while balancing on the hands.  Not having the crutch of the wall supporting your body can be terrifying, but doing these classes often will help you overcome that.  

handstand training

Go Upside Down

20-min vinyasa with Carolina 

Dive into inversions such as variations of headstand, assisted handstands, forearm stand and shoulder stand. Sprinkled with postures that open the shoulders & chest as well as spinal twists for better alignment in the torso. Ends with a relaxing guided meditation. Have some open wall space nearby for supported handstand.

online yoga classes

Wall Magic

60-minute vinyasa with Carolina 

This yoga at the wall class focuses on various types of poses using the wall for support. We begin with several flows and postures to loosen up the muscles around the shoulder girdle. Warm and open shoulders are important when working with binds and inversions. This class has a quick and effective warm up that uses vinyasas and warrior two sequences to build up internal heat as well as open up the hips in preparation for deep hip openers that also use the wall. Doing online yoga classes for handstands is the perfect way to prepare yourself for trying it out in live in-person group classes 

online yoga classes

Handstand Training 

20-min vinyasa with Amanda

Learning how to do a proper handstand requires strength, focus and confidence. Rather than throwing yourself up into the pose, practice the drills in this class that will teach you how to float up using deep core muscles, upper body strength and weight shifting. Even if you never press up into handstand, this class is a great workout and will connect you to a sense of focus and confidence that you didn’t know you had.

handstands with Jon

Highway to Handstands 

75-minute vinyasa with Jon

Handstands require practice as well as a lot of awareness. Jon sprinkles highly effective “handstand drills” throughout this class. Create the attention and strength needed to nail a handstand in the middle of the room. These practices are difficult! Do this class consistently to develop the mental and physical skills for adho mukha vrksasana, or handstand. 

handstands with Carolina

Handstand Essentials

40-minute vinyasa with Carolina

Learn how to do several types of wall drills to improve your strength and control in handstands This whole class is perfectly balanced between handstand drills using the wall and shoulder openers. You’re not just strengthening the muscles, but also lengthening them. One of the most important things in handstands is alignment. For proper alignment we need mobility in the the shoulders and hips. Do this class straight through for a quick and effective training session and then pick and choose the drills you want to work on for the week. 

online yoga classes

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