September 2, 2016

Matuse Wetsuits for Surf Yoga Videos

surf yoga videos

Getting a Photoshoot Ready for Our Surf Yoga Videos

On the heels of launching the new we decided to produce the second series of yoga videos for surfers. Naturally, we needed some nice images to go along with them. Everyone in town suggested we get in touch with Matt Larson, founder and designer of Matuse Wetsuits in San Diego, California. With Matt’s suits and a borrowed classic car collection from a friend, we yielded some sweet pictures to represent our surf yoga videos. Yoga and surfing go together like coffee and donuts. Surfers need yoga to improve balance, strengthen the back muscles, and loosen up the shoulders. Keep reading to learn more about Matuse and how yoga can boost your surf game.

Making Wetsuits that Stand Out from the Rest

When I first saw Matuse wetsuits a few years ago, they stood out. Their sleek, futuristic cuts and high-caliber materials exuded a superior quality. Matt, better known as “Tuse” explains that Matuse is in the business of innovation. They are always looking to perfect the materials they use as well as change the way wetsuits are designed and structured. Matuse’s mission is to deliver premium suits that are focused on the next level – and that they are. Every new style that hits the market somehow always surpasses the previous model and blows the competition out of the water. The Matuse logo rocks, the designs are fresh, and we dig it! Turns out the suits are also great for doing a quick yoga session before jumping in the ocean. Tuse even tells us that some of his gal pals take Hot Yoga classes in the the styles we used for this shoot.

black on black surf yoga videos

Why Surfers Need Yoga

The surfer’s yoga videos are filled with poses that improve balance, coordination, and core strength. We also pay extra attention to the body parts surfers use most, like the shoulders and spine. Groups of poses like spinal twists and backbends are paired together for a full body decompression session, while other yoga videos focus more on opening the hips and creating stability in the muscles of the feet. Many surfers have described the sport as “meditative,” and that’s exactly how we feel about vinyasa yoga. The way the body moves in a flow class generates a similar feeling to when surfers are riding the perfect wave. Going with the flow is essential in both activities, and when it’s all over, we feel blissful and refreshed. Doing yoga regularly also helps prevent injuries. You have no idea how many times we have heard surfer’s say that yoga has helped them recover from falls and kept them injury-free.

All the Surfer’s yoga videos are just twenty minutes long so you can squeeze in a quick session before or after a little wave-riding. The Slow Flow is a mellow stretch class that targets the upper back and hips, while the Buddhi Flow is an invigorating session that loosens up the shoulders and strengthens the low back muscles. Try the Beginner flow or Super Yogi classes to challenge yourself and switch things up.

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