May 19, 2016

Welcome to The New YourBuddhi Yoga Videos Online

Welcome to the new yourBuddhi! We heard all our member requests and added a few ideas of our own to create an even better version of your favorite online yoga videos website. Since the inception of yourBuddhi, we have had kids, opened a yoga studio in La Jolla, California, and began a successful teacher training program. Yoga has been our anchor through all these exciting and challenging events. Now more than ever we believe that a consistent yoga practice keeps people grounded, balanced and present through this wide range of life experiences. We have learned tremendously and want to share it all with you through our updated, user-friendly site. Get familiar with what’s new and enjoy our sweet new features.

your buddhi yoga videos

Four New Styles of Online Yoga Videos

Yoga classes are not meant to be practiced based on any type of hierarchy. You don’t graduate from “level 1” to “level 2” and so on. We think choosing a class should be based on how you feel on a particular day, as opposed to choosing by level. All of our online yoga videos are now categorized by Beginner Flow, Slow Flow, Buddhi Flow and Super Yogi. Beginner Flow classes are created for people who have never done before. The videos break down the basics and help to set a strong foundation for anyone new to yoga. However, no matter how long you have been practicing, these classes are not only very relaxing, but they are a great way to revisit the fundamentals. Slow Flow classes are taught in a smooth-flowing Vinyasa style that skips the Chaturangas and the Updogs for a mellow experience that still builds strength and increases flexilibity. Buddhi Flow has got it all! If you are in the mood for a vigorous vinyasa class that makes you sweat and try new things, then this is the class for you. Inversions, arm balances, deep binds, advanced backbends and other challenging postures are sprinkled throughout the Buddhi Flow classes, but if you want a class devoted to practicing these more difficult poses, then try the Super Yogi series.

Search for Your Favorite Online Yoga Videos

We now have a search function for our online yoga video library. If you are experiencing mild to moderate neck pain, type “neck” into the search bar and find a class that will relieve tension in the shoulders and create space in your cervical spine. Went for a long run and feeling tight? Type in “hamstrings,” “hips,” or “runners” to find classes that will stretch you where you need it most. We’ve tried to make it easier to navigate our videos but we’re always looking for more keywords that convey what people are searching. E-mail us and let us know what types of classes you’re looking for so we can improve our search feature.

Create Your Own Personalized Online Yoga Video Library

New videos are coming your way every month but we know you would love to save your favorites so they’re handy the next time you log on. When you find a video that you like and want to view it without having to search for it, you can now mark it as a “favorite” and it will be saved in your dashboard for quick and easy access.

Better Access to our Yoga Download Library

Now you can download our audio classes right to your smartphone or tablet. There is an option to save them to your home screen. Make your very own myBuddhi library on your phone or device. You can also download them on your laptop or desktop and they will play from iTunes automatically. New audios will be added every month.

We hope you like the new and improved yourBuddhi.com

Be on the lookout for new videos and blog articles all month long and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest Buddhi news. We love to hear from you! E-mail us your video requests, comments and suggestions. If you’re ever in La Jolla come take a class at Buddhi Yoga with Carolina, Amanda or any of our other talented teachers. Stay tuned for live-streaming classes and jump in on a class with us no matter where you are!

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