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April 28, 2014
Countdown To Summer Challenge

Countdown To Summer Challenge

Join us in a four-week challenge to feel your best this summer season! 
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Go to the Buddhi Blog every Wednesday for recipes
that you can add to your daily repertoire.

Every Tuesday we’ll post a new guided meditation
on our classes page for ways to calm the mind and release stress.

Each week we give up something to cleanse the body and the mind.  It’s not about deprivation.  Giving up certain foods and behaviors brings awareness to our habits and helps us re-evaluate who we really want to be.

Week 1: Sugar and negative thoughts about our body.
Week 2: Gluten and gossip
Week 3: Dairy and judgement of others
Week 4: Alcohol and fear

This challenge is designed to create change on every level to improve your overall health.

Follow us, tune in every day and join with a friend!

Challenge starts Monday, May 5th.
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