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April 22, 2014
Soak Your Nuts

Soak Your Nuts

A few years ago a friend told me to soak my nuts before eating them.  Hmmm, I’d never thought about soaking my nuts before but I listened and..holy canoli, now it’s really hard to eat them without letting them chill in water for a few hours (approx. 7-24hrs).  They taste so juicy and clean and the flavors of the nut really shine through.  Here’s why you should always soak before you consume.

  1.  A grain, a nut or a seed has life potential.  If under the right circumstances (water), these little guys can grow into a full blown plant and produce more life – hence ingesting this is pretty awesome.
  2. Letting the nuts sit in water releases any toxins from the skin of the nut and encourages more production of vitamins and enzymes.
  3. Makes digestion and distribution of nutrients more efficient.

So, start soaking your nuts and tell us what you think.  And if you’re ready to start making your own nut milk, click it here.  For more detailed info on the benefits of soaking nuts, click here.

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