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May 11, 2020

Backbend Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

vinyasa yoga sequence

Backbend Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

The benefits of backbends have been studied for many years. Relieving back pain, stretching the psoas muscle, and opening the chest and shoulders are a few of the physical benefits. On an emotional level we can find gaining bravery, strength and trust. Backbends in a vinyasa yoga sequence feel great and doing them with the right alignment can bring newfound space in many areas of the body.  This leads to better posture and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Try this Vinyasa Yoga Sequence to Prep the Body for Deeper Backbends

Easing into backbends and opening the right set of muscles before trying to do deep backbends will greatly decrease the chance of injury and discomfort. Backbends are meant to feel good!  Roll out your mat and follow this vinyasa yoga sequence at your own pace. Each pose is held for five to eight breaths.

vinyasa yoga sequence

Cobra Pose

Start on your belly, place the hands out wider than your mat. Soften the glute muscled and lift the chest while keeping the hips on the ground. Engage the back muscles as you lift, working the arms a little straighter. Release as you exhale and inhale as you come back up to cobra. Do five to eight reps, moving with your breath.




One Handed Side Bow

One-Handed Side Bow

Start on hands and knees.  Lift the left leg arm and left leg leg in the air, stacking the shoulders and hips so your torso faces the left side of the room.  Bend the top knee and reach for the foot with the left arm.  Once you have the foot, lift the heel away from the hips so you’re backhanding.  Keep the bottom arm strong, pressing the shoulder away from the ear.



vinyasa yoga sequence

Bridge Pose for This Vinyasa Yoga Sequence.

Start on your back with the knees bent and feet on the floor hip-width apart. Lift the hips and interlace the arms underneath you. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and lift from the back of the chest too. Soften the glutes and engage the quadriceps.





vinyasa yoga sequence

Locust Pose


Start on your belly.  Place the chin on the ground, looking forward.  Slide the arms underneath the torso, brining the palms flat on the ground with the pinkies touching.  Left the left leg and bend the right knee.  Try to bring the sole of the right foot under the left thigh, just above the knee joint.  The right leg becomes like a crutch fort he left leg.  Take a few deep breaths and then switch sides.




Bow Pose

Bow Pose for a Backbend Vinyasa Yoga Sequence.


Start on your belly.  Bend the knees and reach back to catch the ankles with your hands.  Try to keep the knees hip-width apart as you start to use your leg muscle to lift the chest off the ground.  Keep the neck straight and an internal rotation to the quadriceps as you left the knees and thighs off the floor.



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