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May 11, 2014
Week 2 of the yourBuddhi Summer Challenge!

Week 2 of the yourBuddhi Summer Challenge!

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

When you feel the urge to talk smack about someone this week, choose to keep it to yourself.  When there is nothing else to talk about, the easiest space filler can be “omg did you hear about so and so?”  Talking about other’s misfortunes makes us feel better about our own situations and gives us a superficial boost in confidence.  This is a negative energetic exchange that will ultimately make us feel worse about ourselves and others.   Giving it up for a week will bring awareness to how much you gossip and who you do it with.   Steer the topic in a different direction or see if you can be a little more comfortable with natural lulls in conversation.

Now, on to some physical stuff.  What’s the deal with gluten anyways?  Give it up or don’t?  Is it really that bad for me?  Why is everyone talking about it all the time?  This week we are taking a break from gluten.  Try it just to see how it feels.  Quitting something for a few days brings attention to how much you eat it and forces us to make alternative choices.  Even if you are not truly gluten intolerant, most gluten containing foods like bread and pasta are not necessary for a balanced diet.  It can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic.  Eating more fruits and vegetables instead helps us to feel light and energetic.  You might be more inclined to bust out a spontenous handstand.

Check the yourBuddhi Instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for quick toning routines that target the whole body and give you a nice endorphin boost.

Lastly, meditation is the key to peace and contentment.  Every week we are giving you a free guided meditation to help you get through the week. Enjoy this 10-minute meditation for the senses guided by Carolina.  It will elevate the mood, reset the mind and calm the nervous system.

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