Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
December 13, 2020

Get Ready for The Five-Week FlowLIFT and Online Yoga Classes Challenge!

Online Yoga Classes

Let’s start 2021 with a bang by committing to do yoga & FlowLIFT for five straight weeks!  We know from personal experience that both consistently doing online yoga classes as well as online FlowLIFT yoga sculpt workout classes leads to a strong, healthy body and mind.  This has been our true and tried regimen for the last few years and we look and feel better than ever as a result.  Don’t worry, it sounds daunting, but it’s completely doable.  Some of the classes are only 20 minutes and the rewards are huge.

The Challenge Begins on January 11th and Ends on February 14th

Get ready to kick 2021 into high gear.  Five weeks is the perfect amount of time to implement some healthy new habits for the rest of the year.  Studies show that it takes at least twenty-one days to solidify a new habit, so mark your calendar and get ready to start on Monday, January 11th.  Once Valentine’s day rolls around you’ll look and feel so good that you’ll likely fall in love with the new you.

Get In On the New Year Online Yoga Classes and FlowLIFT Challenge

FlowLIFT Challenge

  1. Send your email to get on the mailing list
  2. Follow FlowLIFT and YourBuddhi on Instagram to access the weekly move breakdowns

Once you’re on the mailing list keep an eye out for an email from us on January 7th to get you excited for the upcoming challenge the following week.  If you’re not a member yet you’ll need to sign up for the dual membership.  The first two weeks are free and then it’s just $24/month.  You can also sign up for the yearly membership at 25% off.

What You Get When You Sign Up for the New Year’s Challenge

Online Yoga Classes

  • A weekly yoga & FlowLIFT class schedule that will whip you into shape, stretch you out and calm the mind
  • A delicious recipe every week from Coree of the Juiciest Fruit (she’s our favorite food fairy and her video recipes will rock your world).
  • Weekly move breakdowns & healthy tips
  • We’re picking three winners from our challenge participants who post on social media.  Hint: new swag is coming and you sure would look cute in it!


Get excited for the online yoga classes and FlowLIFT challenge!
January is the perfect time to make big changes.
You, 2.0 is waiting!

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