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February 10, 2014
Valentine’s Night In – yourBuddhi Style

Valentine’s Night In – yourBuddhi Style

I like to stay in on Valentines Day.  It’s hard to find a babysitter and all the restaurants are booked.  I usually cook a nice dinner and try to spend quality time with the husband.  We turn off all the screens – phones, iPads, TV – put on some good music, good conversation and then some good….you get the picture.  Here are a few ingredients for you to create the perfect Valentine’s Night In.

First set the mood with this sexyTime playlist that Carolina made for y’all.

Then try our new Partner Yoga video – move together and breathe together to spark a physical connection.

Whip up some of this Raw Banana Pudding with Rosewater and top off the night with a sweet treat that won’t make you feel full or heavy.

Yoga Equals Better Sex, so don’t forget to do your practice every day!

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