myles golden
February 11, 2014
Raw Vegan Rolls

Raw Vegan Rolls

I love sushi and tacos, but once in a while, it’s just too heavy.  So sometimes when I’m feeling a craving, I’ll opt for this delicious substitution.  It also makes a quick and delicious snack that even kids love!  Give it try and explore with your own variations to make your belly and taste buds happy.


Collard Greens



Bell Peppers

Hummus or Raw Garlic Spread

Granny Smith Apples


Slice up all the produce and coat the collard leaves with hummus or spread.  Place everything at the center of the leaves so it’s ready to be rolled up like a burrito.  Hold the roll in place and slice every two inches or so.  Serve with preferred dip or eat alone.  You can also season it with a little bit of lime and cayenne pepper.  Enjoy and be sure to share and leave comments if you try it!

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