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June 11, 2021

The Magic Formula for Doing Advanced Online Yoga Classes 

Have you been doing advanced online yoga classes for a while and feel like you’re stuck? Do you feel like you keep practicing but never improve?  Find out why you’re not progressing; The reasons might surprise you.  

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The Intention is There But You Don’t Succeed at Execution

Everyone wants to be in shape and everyone wishes they could do a free-standing handstand in the middle of the room.  If only wishes created results!  Accomplishing your goals and getting to where you want to be requires constant nurturing and attention.  It takes hard work, dedication and a lot of discomfort.  Staying where you are is easy, but moving towards where you want to be isn’t quite as simple as everyone hopes.  Step number number one is to prepare yourself mentally and be ready to work hard.  Once your mind is set, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.  

Make a Plan for Your Advanced Online Yoga Classes 

Ask yourself what you want to work on.  Is it inversions, arm balances, or backbends? Or are your goals more general, such as increasing cardiovascular fitness and stamina?  Maybe you have a certain “goal pose” that you’ve always wanted to do, or perhaps mastering the breath is on your list.  Start small, write down what your goal is and commit to practicing at least three times per week.  

The Minimum is Three, But Aim for Five Practice Periods Per Week

It’s no secret that the more you practice something, the better you’ll get at it.  A while ago we set out to try and accomplish doing scorpion pose, a deep, inverted backbend that balances on the forearms.  We vowed to do this class once a day until it started to feel stable and strong.  It took us twenty-one days to do that and in the months that followed we were able to master it fairly quickly.  They say that yoga is ninety-nine percent practice and one percent theory, so consistent repetition is key.  

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Remember That It’s Not Just Physical

Most people think that doing advanced postures is all about being strong enough, but that’s not the case at all.  The breath, concentration and alignment play a huge role in doing poses you never thought possible. A good teacher will point out the most subtle of alignments that make all the difference in the world.  Remind yourself to breathe through every part of the pose: the setup, transition, and static hold.  Breath retention causes lack of oxygen, strain, and a wandering mind.   Remember that the breath increases concentration so you remain in the present moment.  Never attempt a challenging pose without this foundation.  

Online Yoga Classes for Advanced Students 

Try the following classes several times or create a schedule for yourself depending on which ones resonate with you more.  Doing the same classes over and over again is great way to see improvement quickly.  Take your time, breathe, be patient, and most importantly, have fun!

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