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May 4, 2014
Summer Challenge Starts Today!

Summer Challenge Starts Today!

Have you ever noticed how women focus more on the parts of themselves they are unhappy with rather than celebrating their best features?  This week we are quitting the negative thoughts and comments about our bodies.  When you look in the mirror, don’t zero-in on what bothers you.  Instead, try to focus on how beautiful and unique you are.  Let’s start talking about how hot we all are instead of constantly obsessing on our imperfections.

We are also planning on skipping the refined sugar this week.  Instead of scones and ice cream, opt for fruit and cold-pressed veggie juices.  Most of us are addicted to sugar.  Giving it up for a week will help us examine its effect on our mood and energy level.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday check the yourBuddhi Instagram page for quick toning routines that target the whole body and give you a nice endorphin boost.

Meditation is the key to peace and contentment.  Every Friday we are sharing with you a free meditation download – Find it in our classes page under the audio filter.  This first week starts with an easy 5-minute guided relaxation.  It will elevate the mood and help you deal with stress.    

Check our Facebook page for links to articles and recipes throughout the week.  Journaling your experience during this challenge is a great way to reflect on the big and small shifts that are bound to happen.  As always, feel free to e-mail us with any questions or comments – we love to hear from you!


  • Give up the negative self-talk and pass on the sugar
  • MON WEDS & FRI check Instagram for the daily workout
  • Friday FREE meditation download

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