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March 27, 2022

Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out 

Spring Cleaning
When we think of spring cleaning, most of us think about old clothes we can toss out or how to declutter our kitchen.  The spring equinox that just passed on March 20th represents the energy of transitioning.  The sun’s direct rays strike Earth’s equator before crossing into the Northern Hemisphere. While it’s the first day of spring in North America, Europe and Asia, places in the Southern Hemisphere are marking the end of summer and beginning of autumn.  We get affected by the seasons.  We’re less active over the winter, we indulge more with food and we tend to be more lethargic.  As we move into the more external experience of spring and summer let us show you a few things you can do to clean out your body from the inside, out so you can start the warmer months fresh and rejuvenated.

Luckily, in southern California there’s a plethora of places you can go to for colonics, infrared treatments and all sorts of fun things you can do to help your body speed up the healing and elimination process.  We recently went to Cove Wellness, in the village of La Jolla and did the lymphatic cupping, coffee colonic, and infrared sauna.  What we noticed the most was how relaxing and good it felt to take time out of the day for self care.  We asked Lisa, the owner, all the right questions in our recent woman-owned, small business highlight below.  

la jolla village

Interview with Lisa Severin, owner of Cove Wellness

1.  When did you open Cove Wellness and why?

Cove Wellness was born in the seaside village of La Jolla, California in 1993.  At Cove Wellness we are passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring our clients to live life at the highest level. From humble beginnings to enhancing the health and beauty of clients worldwide with a unique synergy of purifying therapies to raise the vibration in the body and support self healing.

spring cleaning
Lymphatic cupping therapy

2.  What are the most popular treatments?

Most popular treatments are our La Jolla Signature Detox and Lymphatic Oxygen Facial. 

La Jolla Signature Detox combines our Jade Infrared Sauna/Electro Lymphatic Therapy/MediCupping Vacuum Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy to support immunity, reduce inflammation, cellulite reduction and body contouring. 

colonics for wellness

3.  What are the benefits of colonics for Spring Cleaning? 

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle warm water soaking process to cleanse the large intestine of acid waste and toxins. Benefits include increased energy, reduced brain fog, clearer skin and improved digestion. Colon Hydrotherapy is a time proven positive adjunct to any health, weight loss or detoxification regimen.

Jade stones

4.  What are the benefits of the infrared sauna and what makes the Cove Wellness sauna different from others on the market?  

Unique to our spa, Vivo Infrared Jade Sauna uses a combination of three levels of infrared (near, mid and far) allowing the body to receive a full spectrum of infrared in a comfortable, self contained sauna capsule. This revolutionary sauna helps manage stress, inflammation and ailments that have become common in our everyday lives with the exposure to toxins in the air, electromagnetic fields, water and food supply that wear down the mind and body overtime leaving us fatigued, stressed and in pain.

5.  How often do you think people should do these services?

We recommend our 15 minute complimentary consultation. We are addressing a lifetime of accumulation in the body and individual needs vary. Best is to come once and feel/see the difference for yourself and let us gather some information so we can best advise.

Lisa Cove Wellness

6.  What benefits have you personally experienced from doing these services?

The benefit I have experienced most from the services is vitality. More energy, without caffeine, more clear thinking and a sense of overall well being. 

7.  What sort of package deals do you offer?

We offer discounted prepaid packages for any service or combination of services.

8.  How Did Covid Affect Your Business?

Covid raised awareness for prevention and wellness for many people. In a time when 95% of health care costs are being spent on treating illness, it’s apparent that the time has come for a new paradigm of prevention and self care. Research has shown that of the seven major illnesses in the United States, all are preventable by lifestyle. 

spring cleaning with lymph cupping
The lymphatic system

9.  Have you seen a rise in appointments lately?

Absolutely, we have seen a significant rise in appointments lately. I believe people are anxious to take back responsibility for their own health and well being. 

10.  What would you tell someone who has never heard of these treatments?  

I would remind anyone who has never heard of these treatments that the body knows how to heal itself and be well.  At Cove Wellness our purifying therapies detox the lymphatic system, liver and colon on a deep cellular level which supports vitality, self healing and healthy aging.

The barrage of toxins we are exposed to today is unprecedented in history. Cleansing therapies are an important part of self care more than ever. It is much easier to reach for a better thought, leave behind resistance, and stay connected to our source when the mind is clear and energy is high. Feeling vibrant and happy with an abundant source of energy supports us to be in alignment with the most important prayer — the prayer of appreciation.  

Try a Spring Cleaning Yoga Class for Better Digestion

Twists, binds, and forward folds | 40-min vinyasa practice

Vinyasa Yoga For Digestion

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