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Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
November 8, 2016

Online Yoga Videos for Relaxation

Not all Yoga Classes Have to be a Workout

These days it seems like the most popular styles of yoga tend to have a workout element to them. Yoga really stuck with me once I went to a power Vinyasa class. I was young, fit and had tons of anxious energy. The combination of the blaring music, faster-paced movement and deep breathing got me out of my head. I became more present and calm than I ever had been in my life. This is it! I thought to myself. However not everyone is looking for this style of yoga. The yourBuddhi library is filled with online yoga videos for relaxation that focus on gentle movements and breath connection that help you release physical, mental and emotional tension without having to break a sweat.

Online Yoga Videos for Relaxation

We Have Online Yoga Videos for Relaxation so you Don’t Have to Leave Your House

Finding a class at a local yoga studio that is slower-paced with attention to alignment and breath can be difficult these days. We make sure to have plenty of online yoga videos for relaxation so that you don’t have to leave your house to get what you need. While we love power vinyasa classes here at yourBuddhi, we also love to slow it down and chill out. My husband, who is a martial artist and spends many hours a week doing intense workouts does not want to have to exert himself when he practices yoga. He far prefers Beginner Flow and Slow Flow to our Buddhi Flow and Super Yogi classes. This doesn’t mean that he can’t do the more physically intense classes, it’s just not what he’s looking for in a yoga class.

If you are someone who only likes yoga classes that have a workout element to them, we suggest trying some of our online yoga classes for relaxation. Being a power yoga girl for so many years, I am always in awe at how deeply relaxed I feel when I practice Slow Flow or Beginner Flow. It makes me realize how beneficial it can be to practice in a way that helps me surrender and let go in a more passive way.

How to Find yourBuddhi’s Online Yoga Videos for Relaxation

On the left side of our videos page, you’ll find a filter where you can choose classes based on length (20,40,60) and type (Beginner Flow, Slow Flow, Buddhi Flow, Super Yogi). We also have a “Yoga for” section where you can choose classes based on more specific needs. Click “relaxation” to pull up the classes we feel really induce a state of calm and peace. You can also try a few of our most popular online yoga videos for relaxation:

Smooth and Steady Flow
Breath-Centered Easy Flow
Release Neck & Shoulders

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