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November 8, 2016

Membership Yoga Videos for Mastering Inversions

Develop the skills for mastering inversions with our membership yoga videos. There are many benefits to going upside down such as facing fears, strengthening the core and upper body, and quieting the mind. Different inversions create different qualities in the body and mind. Headstand can be calming and cooling while handstands create heat and are very exhilarating. Once you develop the strength, flexibility and awareness that these poses require, you’ll feel confident enough to include them in your regular yoga practice.

Membership Yoga Videos

Inversions Aren’t as Ancient as You Might Think

The yoga postures that we practice today are relatively new and make up only a sliver of the history of yoga. Practices such as meditation and pranayama were far more dominant than asana until the early 1900’s. According to the article The Roots of Yoga by Mark Singleton, the physical postures that are popular today came from blending European gymnastics and weight-resistance exercises with revived Indian techniques for combat and strength. We can thank a sudden emphasis on developing a strong body in Indian culture for the version of yoga that we practice today. For most of us, the physical part of yoga is what interests us at first and ends up having more benefits that we may realize. It takes time and dedication to master poses such as forearm stand and handstand. A strong, flexible body is required but there are certain qualities of the mind that are necessary as well.

You Need Strength in Both Body and Mind

Practicing Buddhi Flow and Super Yogi membership yoga videos will help you to gradually build strength in the upper body and core. You will also become more flexible in the hamstrings, spine and shoulders which makes floating up into inversions come more naturally. The combination of strength and flexibility will bring you closer to being able to float or lift up into headstand, handstand and forearm stand. Often people try these poses before they are strong enough and open enough and end up just hopping and flailing all over the place. Complete and total focus is needed to stay in these poses for an extended period of time. This is where the mind comes in. Drishti is incredibly important. Keep your eyes very softly focused on one point when practicing inversions. Maintain ujjayi pranayama so that you continue to build heat and stay connected to the breath. While in the pose, the world around you tends to fade away and the mind becomes quiet. Staying in the pose requires so much attention that there simply is no space for your thoughts or outside distractions.

Try These Membership Yoga Videos for Mastering Inversions

Practice these membership yoga videos often and before you know it, you’ll be easily holding a handstand in the middle of the room. Be mindful not to push yourself too hard and always make sure you can breathe deeply without restriction. Mastering inversions takes time and dedication so don’t be in a rush. Just practice, practice, practice and all is coming!

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