Amanda McCarroll @yomanda4
February 28, 2022


March is the Month to Get Lucky With Headstands at yourBuddhi!

For 14 days from March 7 – 20, we will be posting a series of different headstand variations to try out on the @yourbuddhi instagram.  Start with simple tips on how to attempt this fun posture successfully so you can practice your basic skills.  Throughout the rest of the two weeks, get ready to try a bunch of different versions to challenge your focus, improve core strength, and learn to be light, long and relaxed while you’re chilling upside down.

Headstands are the king of all poses.

When you learn how to do it properly, you will feel and see why. Take advantage of the many benefits:

    • calm the mind.
    • alleviate stress and depression.
    • stimulate the lymphatic system.
    • strengthen the upper body, spine, and core.
    • enhance lung capacity.
    • stimulate and strengthen abdominal organs

Headstand Variation

So get lucky with us in March and join the yourBuddhi headstand challenge!

Here’s how:

  1. Follow @yourbuddhi on instagram
  2. Starting on March 7, watch for our posts every other day with the newest headstand to try
  3. Post your poses on your page and stories and tag @yourbuddhi and #luckybuddhi so we can see your new moves.

Two Lucky Headstand Winners

There are two ways to become a #luckybuddhi winner:

  1. Post the most.  On your page or in your stories, share your headstands on Instagram.
  2. Comment the most.  We want to hear from you on our posts.  Was it challenging for you?  Did you do something you didn’t think you ever could?  Are you tagging friends and inviting them to join you?   and whoever comments on our posts the most.  We want more eyes on the posts so we can say: Comment on our posts by tagging your friends so they can join in on the headstand challenge.

Remember to tag @yourbuddhi and #luckybuddhi so we can keep track of your participation.  We can’t wait to see you upside down starting March 7th!


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