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July 15, 2014
Summer Day Meal Plan

Summer Day Meal Plan

A perfect day of eating leaves me feeling clean, light and healthy.  Five small plant-based meals throughout the day usually does the trick.  My energy level stays consistent and I avoid feeling bloated and lethargic.  There will always be days where I indulge, but most of the time I try to stick to this simple plan: eat plants, eat often and eat small portions.  I feel energized and ready at any moment to work on my press-up handstand for the #100daysofheat Challenge.

I’ve taken some of my favorite recipes from our blog and put together the perfect summer day meal plan:

Breakfast and late-morning snack:

After a mug of warm water and lemon, bust out your high-speed blender and charge up with the Blueberry Blast-Off Smoothie.  Follow up or wait a few hours (depending on your appetite and schedule) with a Deviled Avocado Egg.

Lunch and late-afternoon snack:

Make a big bowl of our Lentil Tabbouleh and have this for lunch for a few days.  It’s good for three days in the fridge and gets even more delicious as it marinates.  In the late afternoon I crave potato chips or something salty.  Opt instead for Carolina’s Kale Chips.

Dinner and dessert:

The Raw Vegan Rolls are one of our most popular recipes and is a great way to end the day.  If you have a sweet tooth, make some Green Kiwi Ginger Pops.  They are the perfect dessert for a hot summer night.

Most of these dishes will last in the fridge so you will have several days of meals ready for you when you are hungry for something healthy, tasty and light.  Here is a shopping list to get you started:


5 avocados
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch of spinach
cherry tomatoes
2 green apples
5 lemons
2 grapefruits
frozen blueberries
1 banana
collard greens
bell peppers

yellow mustard
kala namak (black salt)
garlic powder
cayenne pepper

Other stuff:
olive oil
unsweetened coconut
almond butter
your favorite protein powder
almond milk
apple cider vinegar
coffee ice cubes

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