myles golden
March 26, 2014
Coconut Berry Dream Bowl

Coconut Berry Dream Bowl

This has been my go-to dessert during my sugar-free March challenge.  Berries are lower in sugar than other fruits and have tons of cancer fighting antioxidants.  Coconut Butter (not oil) contains fiber and gives this treat a rich, buttery texture.  Almond butter is high in protein and helps to keep blood sugar steady.  This recipe is VERY simple, filling and can be enjoyed any time of day, even breakfast!

1 handful of organic strawberries

1 handful of organic blackberries and/or raspberries

1 heaping spoonful of almond butter

1 heaping spoonful of coconut butter

Wash the berries and roughly dice up the strawberries.  Throw them in a bowl and add the almond butter and coconut butter on top.  Grab spoon and dig in!

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