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March 24, 2014
Abs Challenge

Abs Challenge


For the month of April we are challenging you to dedicate at least three days out of the week to your mid-section.  All you have to do is follow us on Instagram to get your target exercises every MondayWednesday and Friday.  Just a few minutes of core work a day can drastically improve abdominal strength, leading to better posture, less back pain, and more efficient digestion.  We will also give you diet tips and detox tricks to help melt the fat away.  With summer right around the corner, now is a good time to start developing some healthy abdominal habits.
Anatomy of the Abs 
You don’t need washboard abs to have a strong core.  The “six-pack” is just one set of muscles that work in conjunction with three other sets of muscles to compose the abdominal section.  Think of your abs as a three-dimensional cylinder with muscles at the base (pelvic floor), the sides (obliques), the top layer (rectus abdominis) and the inner-most layer (transverse abdominis). In order to have well-developed, strong abs we have to work all these muscles from every angle.  Do the suggested exercises and you’ll strengthen this whole area.
Follow us on Instagram and check our feed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get your ab workouts and #yogaAbs #strongAbs and anything else that describes your ab-lovin’ experience – get creative and post your progress!

model: Carolina Vivas

photo: Kirk Hensler @ Kale & Cigarrettes
clothes: LF La Jolla

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