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February 23, 2012
Michael DeFrancisco Meditation

Michael DeFrancisco Meditation

We here at yourBuddhi have been practicing meditation consistently with Michael for the last two years and it has completely changed our lives!  Read about our first experience here.  We are very excited to have Michael guiding us through a short session at the Launch Party/Fundraiser on March 10th. 

When did you start meditating, how did you get into it and who was your main teacher?

In the early 70’s I was enjoying the ‘drugs, sex, rock n’ roll’ energy of my life and was quasi searching for a “different way.”  I was 28 years of age and a bit wild and wacky.  For some reason I come across three very “spiritual” books:  Raja Yoga, The Eternal Companion and The Crest Jewel of Descrimination, all published by Vedanta Press, the foremost publisher of such books in the early to mid 1900’s.  I read them and decided that I now “knew” about life.  I went to hear this so called teacher- guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, mainly to tell him what “I knew.”  When I saw him and heard him, I just sat down and shut up.  There he was, the living embodiment of what I was ‘trying” to know.  I started meditating soon there after and have done so for the last 38 years. 

What is the biggest difference that you notice in people when they go through the personal meditation program with you?

I see students become more relaxed, more loving, more productive, and they are spontaneously happier. 

What are the main benefits of a regular meditation practice?

When you are consistent with your practice there is less tension, anxiety and worry.  Most people experience an increase in natural focus and clarity.  They report feeling more loving and a deeper sense of intimacy with those around them begins to develop.  All this accelerates one into a “permanent state of grace,” moving from the unconscious as the governor of the psycho-emotional system to the divine super conscious as the governor…big, huge difference.

Do you think one should do yoga in addition to meditating?

Asanas will prepare the nervous system for deep experiences of peace and tranquility…so yes, it is a good preparation and a good compliment.

What are some tips you could give us to have good meditation sessions and a consistent practice?

One needs to be taught by a qualified teacher.  This cannot be learned from a book or CD.  It should be recognized as a state of wakefulness just like waking, dreaming and sleeping, so it should just be in the routine of those states of wakefulness; preferably morning and evening.  Just do it – “sit down, shut down and wake up!”

When did you realize that you would be teaching meditation full time and what did you do to make it happen?

I have always taught, but in the last 3 years I have seen the need for people to “relax and increase the peace.”  In 2008 I taught the meditation portion of the teacher training at Prana Yoga, then Jeanie Carlstead of La Jolla Yoga Center asked if I would be interested in establishing the meditation component at her center.  Recently, my sister and father encouraged and supported the establishment of my own Blessing Meditation Center.

Where do you see your practice going in the next few years?

My teaching is a unique combination of meditation and hands-on blessings.  It can go anywhere and everywhere…books, podcasts, and I am currently teaching via Skype as well.

for a clip of Michael’s Gratitude and Forgiveness Workshop, click HERE.

To experience the magic of Michael’s guided meditation, visit him at his center on Sundays at 10am or Mondays and Thursdays: 7pm @ La Jolla Yoga Center.

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