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May 15, 2022




As the summer approaches we need to start thinking about how we will maintain our online yoga and FlowLIFT practice by setting up our home yoga space.  No doubt a lot more people are traveling this summer, and with the kids out of school, the chances of getting the studio are slim to none on most days.  Unless, you’ve got it covered with summer camp.  

One of the most important things you can do to stay on track is to create an easy set up in your home for those days that you have to do your yoga and workouts at home or on the road.  Having a few simple things ready to go will make all the difference in the world.  

home yoga space

Goodbye Livingroom, Garage, or Home Office; Hello Home Yoga Space

All you need to do yoga and FlowLIFT is an open space that fits a yoga mat.  You may need to move some furniture around or modify certain moves that require more space, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  

manduka mat

Not All Yoga Mats Are Created Equal

Our favorite mat is the Manduka Pro Lite.  It’s durable, thick enough, and it lasts a lifetime.  Other mats we’ve had in the past always start to break down and thin out over time or they end up being slippery and not supportive enough. We also use the FlowLIFT knee pad for extra support in any poses where you’re putting weight on the knees, such as low lunges, table-top, or camel pose.  

Manduka Mats

FlowLIFT Knee Pad

Blocks and Straps for Your Home Yoga Space

Our favorite brands are Hugger Mugger and Gaiam for similar reasons to those above.  They’re also firm enough to do supported backbends and strong enough to last.

Wooden Blocks

Foam Blocks

Cork Blocks

Yoga Straps

Palo Santo Home Yoga Space

Palo Santo for Your Home Yoga Space

Skip the sage and upgrade to palo santo.  The smoke isn’t as thick and the smell is slightly more sweet and woody.  This is a great way to cleanse your space and get ready to work it out on your mat.  

Best Palo Santo

A Magical Candle to Set the Mood

We love candles and they can really set the tone for meditation and yoga.  Sometimes when we don’t have enough time for a full practice we sit in a comfortable position and just do an open-eye meditating by focusing the gaze on the flame.  It’s grounding and relaxing all at the same time.  

Bree Evoke Design Candles at Shade La Jolla (Our studio inside Buddhi Yoga)

or check out this article by NY Mag on the 14 best smelling candles

Plant for Yoga

Add a Plant to Liven the Space

You don’t need a permanent space in your home to be able to do classes online.  Find a spot that works for you and have everything you need tucked away nearby so you can be ready to set it up each time you can squeeze a session in.  It’s ok if there’s other people home, just pick a class and follow along.  It’s important for all of us to maintain the forms of moment that keep us sane, strong, and agile.  Summer can be stressful, especially for moms, but remember, if you take care of yourself you’ll be a much better parent and partner.

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