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March 5, 2012
The Best of You Today

The Best of You Today

We have known the Best of You Today girls for over six years and we love what they’re doing!  Their site,, has been commited to sharing with us some amazing self-empowerment tools as well as the industry’s best kept beauty secrets.  They are donating the BYOT gift basket with yoga mat, t-shirt, tank top, water bottle and a few enlightening books.  Learn more about what they do below.

What is the main goal of the website?

The Best of You Today is a women’s website focused on topics surrounding health, spirituality, lifestyle, fitness, parenting, and personal development.  In addition to the articles and expert interviews, we are launching three transformational coaching programs in 2012 that invite change and clarity into every area of your life.
What made you want to get involved with personal development for women?

I have always been interested in self-development and human behavior.  Therefore, I dedicated the last 20 years of my life to exploring human potential and the power of personal connection.  My path to self discovery gave me the opportunity to start a website, The Best of You Today, and over the last few years I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from experts in various industries.  What I learned in the process and the experiences I have shared with others have yielded possibilities much greater than I ever imagined.  I felt truly blessed and decided that I needed to share this information with others.

What do you think is the biggest cause of suffering  and unhappiness in most of us?

Suffering and unhappiness are a perception, an illusion, just as happiness is an illusion.  Happiness and true connection are available to each of us, in every moment of the day.  If you are focused on relying on others or external situations to provide the gratification and happiness you seek, you will always go unfulfilled.  When you realize that true happiness and joy lies within, you begin to truly experience the opportunity for EVERYTHING, in each moment. My direct connection to happiness is from head, to heart, to spirit.  When I experience total alignment in these areas, happiness immediately follows.


How has yoga changed your life and/or how has it helped you with the development of the site?

Yoga is a life-force in itself, it supports the life-force within each of us. Yoga has given me the ability to seize each moment, and to be truly present in every area of my life.  How can you describe yoga? By definition, Yoga means to unite, to attach, or to join together.  This attachment or connection is to the spirit, the essence of all that is within us just waiting to unfold.

What is the best advice you can give women in order to live more fulfilling lives?

Fulfillment is available to you, right now.  All that you need to create the life you desire is within reach, providing your values are aligned with your beliefs.  If you value love and connection, yet you allow unhealthy relationships in your life, your belief system is not supporting the love you desire.  When you align your life, your beliefs, to support your values, everything becomes an effortless flow of energy.  You naturally attract that which supports your ideal self, your ideal value-based life. Being honest with yourself about where you are and the environments that do or don’t support your growth and fullest potential, are a great start toward a life of freedom.
What is your best kept beauty & health secret?

Be happy! Internal radiance and joy reflects outward.  A great moisturizer and tons of water helps too;)

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