myles golden
March 8, 2012
Bandar Restaurant

Bandar Restaurant

This is by far our favorite restaurant in San Diego and we love the girls who own it.  Tiba and Golsa Farahani are the cutest, sweetest and most thoughtful girls we have ever met.  Their passion for their family owned restaurant shows and their creations are beyond delicious.  Win a $60 gift certifcate to Bandar at the Buddhi Launch Party Saturday, March 10th.

Below are a few of my favorite dishes:

Pomegranate stew
Sweet flavored pomegranate sauce with finely crushed walnuts, served with your choice of  vegetarian or chicken.

Baghala Polo
A whole baby spring lamb shank, simmered in tomato based sauce, and spices. Served with dill and Lima bean rice.

Adas polo
Marinated juicy chunks of charbroiled chicken tenderloin and rice mixed with current raisins, lentils, dates, and saffron.

Eggplant, kash-o bademjan
A medley of eggplant sautéed fresh garlic and onion with a topping of homemade yogurt.

*Bandar Restaurant is located at 845 4th Avenue in San Diego, California.


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