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July 23, 2014
Raw Banana Berry Ice Cream

Raw Banana Berry Ice Cream

It’s summer time! and who doesn’t love ice cream on a nice, hot day?  Well, I think we found the perfect alternative to the usual high-fat, sugar-ridden dairy stuff found everywhere.  It’s easy to make and full of the good stuff that raw, living foods gives us.


>3 bananas

>1/2 cup of coconut water

>1 cup of berries (we used mulberries)


>Toppings: We used cashew cream (recipe coming soon).  Get creative!  You can add cacao powder, coconut shreds, hemp seeds, honey, etc



Slice up bananas and freeze along with your berries in a container.  Add the frozen bananas and mulberries with coconut water into food processor.  Once blended completely, serve and garnish.  Tastes so good and all your friends and family will love you for it 😉

Make it and comment!

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