myles golden
May 27, 2014
Strong is the New Skinny

Strong is the New Skinny

As little girls we are told to be pretty. We are protected from being too tom-boyish or getting too dirty. Little girls have to be proper and we learn to play the damsel in distress role way early in life.  We are princesses!  
As women we get major pressure to look good and be skinny from both men AND women.  No wonder the diet and beauty markets are worth billions.  We will go to great lengths to achieve the perfect look and sometimes at the expense of our health.  Being skinny doesn’t make you healthy.  I’ve met various “skinny girls” who are far from healthy.  They binge eat, starve, drink too much, take pills, don’t sleep enough, work out too much, abuse themselves an see themselves as still not good enough.  Perhaps we’ve all been there at some point but somehow through yoga it all starts to make sense.  Yoga is about finding balance – any extreme can impact negatively.  It teaches us that we are good enough exactly where we find ourselves right now (santosha)  It gives us a starting point to see things differently, to stop judging and instead take care of ourselves and others. Join us on this mission to rediscover the better part of ourselves and to live a balanced, positive lifestyle.  This week we are giving up alcohol and fear: two things that don’t serve us too well. For just for a few days try to replace alcohol with healthy juices and water. Observe how often fear holds you back and do your best to overcome it.  
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