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September 14, 2014
Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Luke Wientzen

Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Luke Wientzen

From over a decade of practice I have cultivated a great respect and appreciation for all that a yoga practice has to offer.  I believe that yoga asana should be therapeutic in nature, utilized to achieve greater awareness, balance, and freedom within the body, a calm alertness of the mind, and as a means of remembering that our bodies are temporary vessels which house the eternal spirit.  I believe that a yoga practice should serve many purposes, but it’s up to each individual to discern and define how the use of breath, asana, and sitting with silence can benefit their life beyond their physical body.   In the classes I teach I employ time with silence and the use of various and specific pranayama techniques interwoven into potent asanas with the intention of providing practitioners with a safe experience that is both internally introspective as well as expansive and transformative.

Luke’s Schedule

Wednesdays | 4:00 – 5:15PM | Slow Flow

Fridays 12:00 – 1:00PM | Heated Vinyasa

From Students
“I’ve had the honor of practicing with Luke for almost two years.  Luke’s gift as a teacher lies in his own passion and curiosity for the practice of true yoga.  He shares this with his students in an equally supportive yet challenging environment, allowing us to open in new and remarkable ways.  Luke gives his light without pretense or condition, and as his student I always shine brighter having shared in it.” –Kathy Rice

“Luke brings a quality of warmth and passion to his instruction that encourages all participants to honor and challenge themselves. His dedication to the practice is inspiring, and is shown through his continual pursuit of knowledge and philosophy. In his class, students refine their practice through meticulous attention to asana, meditation and pranayama, and leave feeling refreshed. Luke’s classes are a welcome break from the distraction of the self through guidance towards the universal.”
-Kathleen McDowell

Buddhi Yoga | 7843 Girard Ave, Suite F, La Jolla California

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