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September 14, 2014
Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Meghan Kruljac

Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Meghan Kruljac

Meghan began practicing yoga in 2006. Her mat quickly became her favorite place to be, and she happily spends each day practicing and teaching. Yoga has given her many gifts, and she has discovered that what you need and receive from yoga is constantly evolving throughout your practice. Meghan hopes her classes will help you discover yoga as a meaningful method to challenge, transform and learn new things about yourself; a powerful practice to restore, heal and find peace; and a place to have fun and build community. Meghan teaches challenging, fun, and creatively sequenced Vinyasa Flow classes as well as calming and restoring Hatha classes. Her classes offer a strong alignment focus, dynamic flows, and options for all levels so beginning students and advanced yogis alike are challenged and supported. She is grateful for her teachers, especially Michael Fukumura, with whom she completed a yearlong Anusara Immersion and 200-hour teacher’s training.

Meghan’s Schedule
Monday 7:00PM – 8:00PM | Vinyasa Mixed

Thursday 5:30PM – 6:45PM | Vinyasa 1

Friday 6:00AM – 7:00AM | Vinyasa Mixed

From Students

“Meghan’s classes embody the essense of vinyasa – deliciously fluid sequences that connect the mind with the body through insightful choreographed movements.  Her sequencing is always creative, always challenging, and always leave me feeling calm and peaceful.  Her hands-on adustments are so experienced – they are truly indescribable and feel amazing.  Meghan makes practicing so much fun!” – Linda Lee

“I just want to tell you how much I miss Meghan’s classes.  I’ve practiced in LA for a long time, but it’s hard to find that free-flowing spontaneous fun flow that I had so much fun with all summer.  Hope to visit and catch her class soon.” – Jenny Kim

“Meghan has been there since the first week of my yoga journey and she has been an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend.” – Cody Gless

“Thank you Meghan for the limitless inspiration and support.  It was a gift to be able to learn so much from you”  -Hilary O’Sullivan

Buddhi Yoga | 7843 Girard Ave, Suite F, La Jolla California

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