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September 16, 2014
Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Mary Cantonis

Buddhi Yoga Teacher: Mary Cantonis

Mary believes that the practice of yoga can heal, strengthen, and enhance all four planes of the human existence: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional.  Her intention with her students is to assist them in creating a space where the mind slows down, the breath becomes deeper, and the body simultaneously opens and strengthens.

Mary’s own practice was established well over a decade ago, when she was working on Wall Street and needed a reprieve from her chaotic career.  Yoga turned out to be that, and so much more..And like her life, her personal practice has dramatically changed and evolved over the years, but Mary is grateful for the consistent positive messages always present when she gets on her mat. Her diverse yoga training and background enables her to teach various styles and all levels.  Mary’s love of Yoga is authentic and apparent, and she feels continually honoured and humbled to bring the many benefits of yoga to every student she teaches. 

Mary’s Schedule
Mondays & Wednesdays | 6-7AM | Vinyasa Mixed
Tuesdays | 10-11AM | Vinyasa 1

From Students
“I have been taking yoga classes with Mary for the past six months. What I love most about her teaching style is that she is so genuine. Everything just seems to flow naturally. She does a great job at combining the physical and spiritual practice. Whenever I leave her class I feel strong, relaxed and refreshed. Mary’s love for yoga shines in every class. She inspires me to want to go deeper into my practice.” – Amy Pamensky

I can only say the very best about Mary’s yoga teachings. Not only are her classes joyful and involving, but you also get a great workout. Because of her knowledgable and kind demeanour, I consider Mary one of the best and most inspiring teachers I have experienced during all my years of practice.” – Julia Hiebaum

Buddhi Yoga | 7843 Girard Ave, Suite F, La Jolla California

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