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January 3, 2020

Benefits of Streaming Online Yoga Classes

yoga classes online

There’s Something About the Live Experience

We know the best way to practice yoga is live, at the studio, with a face-to-face connection between student and teacher. So what’s the next best thing when you simply can’t leave your house or the hotel room? Taking online yoga classes at yourBuddhi is the next best thing to actually being at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla with us. Aside from having access to over 200 pre-recorded classes, members also get daily livestream directly from the studio. Both are great options, but there’s something about live online yoga classes that makes it far more likely you’ll roll out your mat and get through the entire class.

Benefits of Streaming Live Online Yoga Classes

  • Knowing that you have to be on your mat at the same exact time as everyone else in the studio motivates you to show up and be ready to work. Take a look at the livestream schedule every Sunday night and write down the classes you want to take on your calendar as if it were a very important appointment that you can’t miss. This will increase the chances of you actually doing the three weekly classes you need to stay strong and healthy all year long.
  • Save time by doing your class on your device from the comfort of your own home. Doing live online yoga classes lets you in on all the fun without the commute time. Sometimes we’re running behind, don’t have enough time, or simply feel too lazy to get on the road for yoga (rainy days, anyone?).
  • Most livestream classes run once and never again, so when you log on to practice, you’ll be taking part in an authentic, real time experience that will only live on in your memory of it. There’s something special about that! Don’t miss out on all the great yoga we stream from La Jolla, California.
  • Save money by becoming a member! For the cost of a single class at a yoga studio you can practice every single day for an entire month. Most yoga classes now cost anywhere from $18 to $25 for a single drop in. Our online yoga classes membership is $18 a month with the first month free. You can also upgrade to the dual membership for $24 a month to access the workout we crated called FlowLIFT.

yoga classes online

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